Step By Step Roadmaps On How Self-Learners Built Their Tech Careers

Explore hundreds of roadmaps on how beginners broke into tech careers using self-study. Understand what courses they took, books they read, projects they built, where they networked, and how much money they spent to get where they are today.

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    Explore Roadmaps Made By Self-Learners

    How do you become a Full-Stack Developer after learning JavaScript? How does one start with Python and become a Data Scientist? Find out here! Get access to the unique journeys of self-learners who leveraged the internet to get a job of their choice.

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    Explore Careers Day-To-Days and Project Ideas

    What kind of business problems does a Data Analyst or a Data Engineer solve? How can you align what you're learning now with the tech job of your choice? Additionally, explore project ideas that you can build to maximize your chances of landing a job in that field!

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    Build Roadmap And Pursue Long-Term Goals

    Found an interesting roadmap to becoming a Business Analyst? Take it up, edit the timeline, add your own steps, and work towards it! Organize the schedule, and we'll remind you to learn that language or watch that Coursera course or read that book every day!

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